How SEO Can Literally Save Your Business


Are you a local business owner that is still advertising in the yellow pages? Are you still relying on word of mouth referrals? Are you just getting by in your business and wishing you could take it to the next level? If you answered yes to any of these questions then SEO is for you. SEO is a form of marketing that allows your website to be placed at the top of the search engines for your company’s most profitable keywords. There are currently billions of web pages on the internet and Google a set of criteria to gauge the relevance of each website that it gives it’s users the best overall choice when users are searching for particular terms. SEO is about controlling the digital real estate and putting your website on the first page for terms that your potential prospect is searching.

There is also no such thing as national or local SEO. SEO at the core is the same for any niche or any city. It doesn’t matter if you live in Seattle or San Francisco, the same core principles apply.  The biggest factors that dictate SEO are your title tags and anchor text. Your title tags are the titles you have for your web page. Each page has its own title and pages will rank better than posts. Make sure if you want to rank a particular property, you make it a page and not a post. There are several other factors that come into play with search engine optimization however it is important that you work with an SEO expert that can take of this for you so that you can focus on running your business. You do not want to learn a whole new task as it will take away from your current business. As mentioned earlier, if you live in pacific northwest then I suggest you work with a Seattle SEO agency. The same goes if you are in the bay area, find yourself a great San Francisco SEO agency that can get you on the first page but make sure you do your research.