How To Start A Pedicab Business

If you are looking to make some extra money in your area then starting a pedicab business may be your best bet. You will need a few hundred dollars to buy some the of the pedicabs and then you can start charging businesses for advertising space on them. Let’s say you have 6 pedicabs, each pedicab can have its own set of advertising mechanisms that allows for local businesses to pay you in exchange for advertising for them. You then hire local people and charge them to use your pedicabs as they can make money by the tips they get giving rides to visitors.

The service is nice for the visitors as they get a tour of the city and they get to ride in style. The people that operate the pedicabs are contractors that you charge to use the pedicab. They will need to get issued a business license through the city which they can get by going to the town hall. As a pedicab driver, you must keep in mind that they will be operating for about 12 hours a day.

The pedicabs have advertising panels and wheel coverings and also the people operating the units can also wear your company logo branded t-shirts to help with the exposure.